Spring '18 Community Raffle

At every market, we raffle to fundraise for a community-led, grassroots initiative. This year, we're fundraising for DACA renewals, thanks to local organizers Maria Oliveira, Erika Ramirez and Ryan Lerma.

About the fundraiser:
This fundraiser will specifically raise money for DACA (Deferred Action for Child Arrivals) recipients who need to renew their 2-year permit. DACA provides Dreamers with a work permit and protection from deportation. Dreamers are undocumented Americans who were brought into the United States as children. DACA protection helps them be able to live a functional life out of the shadows. 

Thanks to the recent decision by a San Francisco judge to temporarily block Trump's end the program, recipients can now renew their DACA. This is urgent, beneficiaries must take advantage of this time window as this decision may be reversed at any moment. The $495 is a huge burden for some who desperately need their DACA. Maria, Erika and Ryan have partnered with the Equal Justice Center to offer to fund the DACA renewal applications they help facilitate.

You can donate here. Raffle tickets at the market will be $5 per ticket. Cash/credit accepted at the #bbatx info table.

Design by Yocelyn Riojas

Design by Yocelyn Riojas