this is more than a marketplace. this is a mindset.

In its two years of production, craftHER Market has showcased more than 600 makers and seen 15,000+ attendees and 1,800+ applicants. Opening every Spring and Fall, the day-long community event features entrepreneurial panels, opportunities to support local nonprofits and family-friendly activities and is estimated to generate an additional $300,000 per year for the Austin economy. Reflecting a myriad of women and nonbinary artists and creative entrepreneurs across Texas, all 115 of our seasonal exhibitors own their craft, and at least 90% of our booths exhibit wares made by hand.

we are committed to supporting new, emerging and re-emerging women and nonbinary makers from diverse backgrounds. why?

  1. Local businesses better support our communities’ economies. Reports show that local businesses generate 70 percent more local economic activity per square foot than big box retail, because they hire locally and typically do not outsource labor.

  2. Studies show that our economies and communities only stand to benefit from more gender-equal business ownership, as women are also more likely to advocate for equal pay, create socially conscious businesses and media and employ more diversely.

  3. Women and non-male solo business owners and freelancers (like creatives, artists and makers) are part of the largest growing segment of entrepreneurs, yet the most underserved. They deserve community support, visibility and opportunities to market to larger audiences—two things craftHER Market strives to provide with low-cost booth rates.

  4. When we support local makers and artists, we are doing our part to ensure they can earn a living wage and pay a living wage to their own employees and staff.

  5. We have the power to vote with our dollar. When we consciously support racially and culturally diverse businesses, we have the opportunity to redistribute economic wealth and value within our communities more equally.

Want to get involved?

craftHER Market is a space to share creative ideas, learn new ways to work and truly push our crafts forward. We see 1,000+ applications per year and can only host about 250 vendors annually. For this reason, our curatorial committee takes applicants’ creative practice, production methods and price accessibility into consideration. We also actively work to create community space for new vendors. So, when anyone applies to craftHER Market (whether you’re accepted or not), your application to craftHER Market gets you a guide to Austin-local markets and other creative resources. If you’d like to participate as a vendor, read our FAQ. Applications open on a seasonal basis.

If you’d like to support #bbatx, the organization that programs and produces craftHER Market, learn more about how to help here. You can also support the movement by becoming a partner or attending our craftHER Markets in the Spring and Fall. Upcoming events are always listed at